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Intermediate Wheel-throwing class - 1 on 1

Intermediate Wheel-throwing class - 1 on 1

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Please only sign up for this class if you have prior pottery experience. 


This 3-hour one-on-one workshop is designed for wheel-throwers who wish to learn new and advanced techniques that will allow them to throw taller, bigger and more consistent pots. 

We will discuss your pottery goals, troubleshoot your existing techniques, and personalize the rest of the class according to your needs.   




The private class will take place at 375 Middlefield, Scarborough, Ontario. by appointment only.

Which Class should I choose?

Single class

The Single class is great for those who are looking to troubleshoot specific wheel-throwing techniques like centring, throwing off the hump, throwing tall, etc. We will spend the class exploring different methods to address your pain points. 


3 class bundle 

This 3-week bundle will offer a comprehensive look at creating an efficient workflow. It allows us to create pieces from beginning to end. We will explore the necessary techniques that will allow you to advance in throwing, trimming, glazing, as well as starting your own pottery business. 

(Schedule only your first session through the online system. Class time for the following sessions will be discussed in person according to your project progress/ goal)


What's included in the fee? 

The fee covers instructions, the use of equipment and materials, and the firings if applicable. 


Please come to your appointment ready to make

- Have short fingernails

- Do not wear a ring, bracelet or watch 

- Wear clothes and shoes suitable for a workshop. It is recommended to bring an apron.

- Tie up long hairs

- Do not show up if you have symptoms related to Covid-19: cough, fever, difficulty breathing, sudden loss of smell in the 14 days leading up to your class.





Please contact us 4 days before the class to reschedule or cancel.  Cancellations made within 0-3 days prior to your class will not receive a refund.  Class can be transferred to another person/ group, please notify us via email for class transfer requests.